Class Descriptions

Barre Gone Wild

 Flip your perspective and the barre! Barre Gone Wild engages your "accessory muscles" to sculpt a tiny waistline, define lean arms and create a tight firm bootie. Attain a DANCERS PHYSIQUE without the choreography in this cardio plus mat based 50 min sweat sesh! 

Hip Hop Yoga

 Sweat, work, breathe and finally, restore. The fusion of hip hop music and classic "vinyasa" flow sequences provide an intense and challenging workout in this 60 min class. We will be flowing to the sounds of the latest and greatest hip hop tracks in the darkness and candle light. It's like a night out at the club without the hangover!  

Open Barre

 It's Friday night and the Barre is OPEN! Come start your weekend celebration in this 45 min barre express class. Working your body from head to toe toning, tightening, sculpting you into your weekend! 

Pilates Sculpt

 This is our signature class where it all started. Angela's 60 min class was designed to talk to your entire body and she wastes no time. With the use of weights, resistance bands, gliders, and other equipment your body will burn fat, while lengthening the muscles for a more lean physique. All levels are welcome and encouraged in this room of love and sweat. Angela will uplift your spirit and your booty! Sexy, Sassy Strong! 

Rock the Barre

 This fun and energetic class incorporates pilates, yoga and dance utilizing the barre. Combining both strength and flexibility our goal is to achieve a beautiful dancer’s physique. 

Sweat of Shame

 Sweat out last night escapades in this 45 min class that will release those toxins! A mix of pilates, yoga and weighted exercises will leave you feeling like the rock star you were last night! No judgement zone!  

Urban Sweat

 Dance your way to a meaner, leaner body! Urban Sweat is a fun, sexy hip hop class anyone can do! Get your sweat on to the beats of Hip Hop, Old School and Top 40 in this class that will be sure to unleash your sassy swagger. Class ends with core, strength and stretching! Your sweat will never be so sexy!